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Paint  by Numbers

DeBow Alexander
DeBow Alexander

I feel like I would have ended up a very analytical person if I hadn’t been so strategically exposed to creative outlets growing up. The creative routine provided by the Open Doors programs, Odyssey of the Mind, and the Mississippi Museum of Art laid the groundwork for the type of artist I am today: Analytical, yet whimsical. Rigid, yet playful. I’m a romantic for numbers, but I loathe the math associated with them. Grapheme-Color Synesthesia gave me a new approach for how I play with color. I always assumed that everyone saw the number five as a deep red or the number two as bright aqua green. Numbers jump off of pages to me in a distracting way, leaving colorful impressions behind in my thoughts. My color palettes may seem random, but they could be my childhood home phone number, an important date, or even the exact minute in a song where I fell in love with an album. There are hidden meanings everywhere in my work, but those secrets stay with me.

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